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About Our Founder

Roy Sargent has been selling steel joists and steel decking to steel fabricators, general contractors and roofing contractors throughout Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and all of New England for the past 30 years. Most of those years were spent working for MP Flaherty Associates, in Wilmington, MA, as a detailer, project manager and salesman from 1986 to 2001, and Northland Steel Corp, in North Reading, MA where he worked closely with Mike Cronan, President of Operations, as Vice-President of Operations.

We have been working with ESI Steel for the last 10+ years, buying steel bar joists and metal decking from Roy. He is a very nice guy to deal with and a true professional, he really knows the product! His knowledge of bar joists and decking is a big help to us. Roy’s pricing is consistent and fair, and ESI always has a good and varied stock of deck on hand. We will continue working with Roy on future projects!



In April 2010, the Gardners decided to close Northland Steel due to many factors. At that time, the Gardners offered Mike Cronan the opportunity to start his own company in the same location. Roy took this opportunity to take his years of experience and work ethic to start his own business in southern New Hampshire. Hence, in April 2010, ESI Steel LLC was formed.

Through the years, Mike Cronan and Roy continued to work closely together. Although they were competitors, they maintained a professional courtesy of being respectful of each other’s customers. In January 2021, Mike decided to retire from the industry and offered Roy the option to acquire Mike Cronan Steel Products. In December 2022, the acquisition was completed, and Roy continues to maintain the same services with the same degree of professionalism and integrity.

Roy is proud to say that most of his business over the years has come from loyal repeat clients who, when they think of steel joists and metal decking, think of ESI Steel. They have come to trust and rely on Roy for his attention to service, professionalism, and integrity.

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